2014 CSLA Pin Design Competition

2014 Award Winning CSLA President's Pin DesignThe CSLA is a professional organization with over 1,900 landscape architects as members represented by provincial and territorial associations plus academic programs across the nation. As the voice of the profession in Canada, the CSLA is an advocate for its members on issues such as urban renewal, sustainable development and cultural heritage.

In 2013, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects launched a design competition for a pin to honour the presidents, past, present and future, of the society. 2014 commemorates the CSLA’s 80th anniversary – the Presidents were “pinned” at a special presentation during the May Congress held in Ottawa.

The Winning Design
In commemoration of the CSLA’s 80th anniversary, the President’s pin was crafted using reclaimed oak. Oak is traditionally associated with 80th anniversaries. The oak tree is considered to be one of the most iconic tree species, possessing great strength, resilience and taking hundreds of years to attain maturity. The wood used in this pin captures the present moment in time, but it is just a small piece of the tree itself which symbolizes the past, present and future growth of the CSLA.

The CSLA Board of Directors unanimously selected this winning design entry by B Visual, noting that the use of wood is of particular importance and significance to the profession of landscape architecture.

CSLA President's Pin Design